Nobody sees a flower, really:

It is so small we haven't time, and to see takes time. Georgia O' Keefe

Welcome to the World of Flowers

Welcome to the World of Flowers

What has more beauty? What could be more delicate?

What can exist in so many places?

What could attract so much interest?

Whose fragrance can erase away your worries?

The answer, of course, is Mother Nature’s finest …. Flowers.

Ruth Usher has captured the essence of flowers with cameras and paintings, and presents her vision on this website.

You may purchase any of these items online as a notecard, by going to the Purchase My Work section.  If you are interested in purchasing a 12 x 18 print or want a custom painting, please contact Ruth directly using the information on the Contact Info page.

“Thanks for visiting my website.   Enjoy.”


About Me

About Me

Ruth “Ruthie” Usher

A Blooming Artist

My love of nature that I enjoyed when hiking and visiting many gardens as I traveled is the memory that inspires me to paint.  I delight in bringing to life the voluptuous blooms of flowers with their eye popping vivid colors.  Creating petals with their soft textures and curves begin to take shape as you watch life appear.  These blooms are supported with interesting shapes and reflective leaves that make you want to touch.  The many facets of the angles from the petals and leaves reflect the light differently during the day.  This vision makes you want to smell the fragrance.  Bringing flowers to life is what I am striving for.  This memory from nature as a child has evolved to my passion of the flowers that I enjoy and why I had to put them on canvas.  So enjoy what passion has produced.

My work has evolved from being introduced at an early age to nature with the visiting and planting of the gardens with flowers, fruits and vegetables.  I and my siblings helped our mother and grandmother with the planting and enjoyed anticipating the results of playing in the dirt and what we would see, smell and eat.

Contact Info

To contact the Artist:

Marietta, Georgia


Q and A

What products are for sale?

All products in Purchase My Work are currently for sale.

Right now you can only purchase these products in the form of Notecards from the site.

If you wish to purchase a print, please contact me directly.  Prints are in the form of giclees and are 12 x 18 in size.

What is giclee?

Giclee is a new way of printing that allows an artist to use a digital image to print directly to a variety of medium.  For my artwork, you can choose to print to canvas, matte, or burlap.

What should I do if I’m interested in a custom painting?

Contact me directly using the information on the Contact Info page.